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It begins

The least said about the actual beginning the better. Infact we both deny such a thing could have occured.

The first I knew was that familiar feelng of being not quite right. Ill. Out of sorts. Off colour. As if a parasite was stealing all my resources.

So I ‘found’ an NHS stick to wee on and there was a choir of angels. It was 5am on a dodgy nightshift and I was in the midst of caring for the drunks and elderly of Exeter but a miracle still occured, lo, in a stable.

Jim was informed of his great fertility in the renal carpark. He was very proud.

Of cours, we’re not actually TELLING any of you yet…

Cousin Maddie is one!

So pretty on her birthday and eating like a lady!

Seen those dungarees somewhere before.

Hello GJ, can I have some of Maddies chocolate cake?

So, Tess is driving the car, Tom is navigating and two willing passengers in the back.

Getting crawling tips from Maddie