Monthly Archives: September 2005

5. Social Smiling

The Minimitton in the last week has reached this important developmental milestone and is being unbelievably cute with little smiles. Of course his Mummy thinks he’s been smiling for ages – and no, it wasn’t wind, it was a smile. The smiles have proved rather elusive to capture on film but here are a few halfhearted efforts. The whole full monty smile would break your computer it’s so cool, so I better not put one on.

Updating the website 1. The Cricket

With the webmitton on nights I suppose I should have been making an effort to keep you, our loyal fan (Dermot) entertained with news and pictures of the minimitton. Unfortunately what with feeding, washing, changing, cuddling and gazing adoringly at him I’ve not managed this feat.

Therefore a quick snapshot (pun intended) of recent news…

1. Minimitton spent alot of time watching the cricket with his Daddy last weekend and learning some new words which Mummy didn’t approve of.