Preliminary Photo Shoot

A small baby human, complete with heart (waveform shown) and head and primative limb buds and all sorts! Amazing! Just as amazing as the first time we saw Evan! Especially if you are our second child reading this in the distant future!

Currently 54mm long.

Evan remains 2’4 1/4″.

5 thoughts on “Preliminary Photo Shoot

  1. My goodness – what a fine looking foetus. I am sure s/he will grow up to be good looking, intelligent, musically gifted, and also be a nice person. And Evan won't be jealous at all – nope!

  2. Congratulations Mittons! This is best news of news-filled weekend!
    V V cool!!
    The Canadian-Wannabe-Long-Distance-Babysitter

  3. Two new Mitton blogs discovered in one week! My cup runneth over! What comes after Micro Mitton? Or will the scale go the other way if it's true what they told me about babies getting progressively bigger, the more you have?

  4. I assume it's nano mitton and pico mitton. And then they can still have femto, atto, zepto and yocto. (Which would make good names, for pet rabbits).

  5. Eight's a nice, healthy number. I'm told that if you have enough kids, eventually they start taking care of each other, and you don't have to bother.

    (had forgot there were physicists in the extended Mitton clan)

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