Monthly Archives: February 2006

Evan’s older woman

Lovely Zoe is one! And not a wrinkle in sight. Evan thinks she is mysterious and exotic, what with her leicester accent and her crawling antics. Another brilliant Hallam-Hall party – thankyou.
Oh yes, and Matt and Jim taught their babies to play some kind of Fifa game on the playstation. What shining pillars of fatherhood.

Just a taster…

We’ve been too busy having fun (and doing washing in my case) to update – despite your protestations – but there are SO many updates out there – circling in a holding pattern. Here is Evan at Weston-Super-Mare to keep you ticking over.

A day in the life of the UKs hardest working baby

Wake up looking cute, get carried about and cuddled. Pose for paparazzi.

Offered pureed strawberries and blueberries as am very posh. Pose for paparazzi.

Spread it all over face. I wanted mango. Pose for paparazzi.

End up in hot water but turn it to my advantage. Pose for paparazzi.

Cuddled, kissed, adored. Pose for paparazzi.

(I don’t know why he’s started calling me paparazzi! Funny baby.)