Monthly Archives: April 2006

Daddy Day Care

Wake up child. Send (his) mother off to work. Teach him to crawl. 2 hour baby nap. Walk to the pub.

Walk home. Milk. 1 hour baby nap. More crawling. Some walking, talking etc. Bath. Bed. No problems.

Double Locks pub = dog friendly if you’re into that sort of thing.

New anatomical structure

No longer content with crushing all suitably sized objects ‘twixt his mighty jaws, Evan now has the ability to slice them into a gazillion pieces. Photo confirmation to follow once we get up the courage to hold his mouth open.

Cousin Maddie is one!

So pretty on her birthday and eating like a lady!

Seen those dungarees somewhere before.

Hello GJ, can I have some of Maddies chocolate cake?

So, Tess is driving the car, Tom is navigating and two willing passengers in the back.

Getting crawling tips from Maddie