Monthly Archives: January 2006

Developmental milestones

Some updates for our paediatrician colleagues

  • Evan says “da” (he means ma but he’s only little, he doesn’t understand), “ga” “ger” and blows raspberries and spit bubbles like a pro.
  • He rolls! Front to back AND back to front.
  • He can stand up.
  • Can handle spoon and cup (with varying degree of mess created)
  • He eats a vast variety of food stuff (pears, potato, peas, prunes, parsnip, plums, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, swede, squash, sweet potato, courgette, apple, kiwi, rice, bran, ginsters, onion bahjis – just the basics)
  • He laughs the loudest I have ever heard a baby laugh
  • He manipulates objects in space with two hands
  • He manipulates us with one finger
  • He sits up for many consecutive seconds before falling over
  • He sleeps in a grown up bed. And his Daddy sleeps on the sofa.
  • He remains the best baby in the world ever.

Evan’s New Year Resolutions

Sorry they’re late!

Find more sparkly things

Coordinate accessories – like shoes and stuff. Then Zoe will fancy me more.

Always wear bib same colour as food – then if you do spill a drop no-one will notice.

No more 3pints of milk in one go – I’m only good to lie on the sofa in my Christmas jumper and fart after that.

No more Mr Nice Baby with that Tiger. Try Camoflauge to infiltrate his lair.

Another new highchair!

One for exeter this time. From a special boutique….

Sorry about the slow updates – the computers been playing up. I think we need more enthusiasm from the audience to get it going….let us know you’re there, post a comment! There are still christmas updates and new years resolutions coming!