Monthly Archives: October 2005

Jim’s choice of photo

I’ve been looking at the photo page and realise my “beloved” webmitton has been systematically stitching me up. There were a number of less repulsive photos of me with my son at Tess’ third birthday. So explain why Jim chose the one he did? Perhaps I should start posting the less flattering photos of Jim here – could themittons audience cope?

Getting bigger

Evan laughs at his fathers jokes! Well, he’s only a baby. And he’s ace. Really, the best baby in the world. Accept no imitation.

(Followers of fashion may wish to know Evan today wears trousers from Next courtesy of NanJan, socks (not pictured) from Gap courtesy of AuntyRuth, Rugby shirt from ‘Whitton handmedowns’ courtesy of AuntyEstelle and AuntyGinny, fleece from Tesco Economy range actually bought by his parents)


Evan thinks they’re great! For batting pesky enormous ladybirds. And for rattling things. And for putting things in his mouth. And for grabbing stuff. Like curly hair!