Day two

A few little photos!

Evan is coming to terms with the whole thing. Today he identified Thea’s nose and gave her a rice cake — these are positive signs of toddler acceptance!

We had her officially registered – Thea Megan Moriarty. Jim is the father on the birth certificate too.

She had her first acting roll – playing the abducted baby in an abduction practice for the maternity unit – we smuggled her out in a bag!! Jim was the main suspect – his details were phoned through to switchboard!

We then came home as a family of 4! Thea’s been sleeping since – overwhelmed!

Off to bed. More photos soon.


5 thoughts on “Day two

  1. Megan is nice, we were going to suggest Maria. Lucky its your choice I suppose. Much love to all assembled Mittones, have a snuggly Christmas, and see you next year!!

  2. Evan looks even more unimpressed at having to give away a rice cake. Rather begrundging if you ask me! Guess that's why he's turned to self-harming…

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