Due Date

What craziness that TODAY was the due date for little Evan who, had he stayed within the lush, fertile field that was my belly* would have been 6foot2 and 16stone by now. Bless.
Two weeks in and I can’t remember what it is like to not be someone’s mother. Parenthood has struck us like a thunderbolt – Jim responding in true form by spending hours on creating this elaborate wonderbeast of a website and me by mailing back to Jesus College Cambridge their poxy MB BChir BA MA and to the royal college their meaningless MRCP and indulging myself entirely in monosyllabalic utterings and discussion of the colour of poo. Evan is a delight. I am bowled over by how fantastic he is and how lucky we are. I even felt that at 3am-8am when he was bemoaning 3rd world poverty (or something). Who’d have thought WE would get the best baby in the world, ever?

It’s been really great being able to share him with our fantastic families and we’ve really enjoyed lots of visits from friends and pseudo-Aunts/ Uncles. Thankyou thankyou for your visits, the deluge of celebrationary text messages and a super generous pile of cards, flowers, champagne and presents. Love you all. Evan is working his way through the champagne and is hoping for some bottles of something stronger for his birthday!


*Not anatomically accurate

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  1. That's OK Natalie. It's been a privelege to meet the little mite, and I look forward to helping mould his life towards alcohol and medicine as the years go by…

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