Bumper pre-move update

Matt and Vicky and Zoe back from France! Matt hasn’t eaten for three years!

Dr Matthew Hall

Evan goes to Wales! Cries! Comes home!

Evan goes to the zoo! Becomes King of the Marmosets! Abdicates! Comes home!

Evan goes to Dursley! Takes five Whitton child photo op! Comes home!

2 thoughts on “Bumper pre-move update

  1. NONE of those from the quiz were name options! For the record.
    Evan has made the move from moses basket in Bristol to cot in Exeter. He's very grown up.

  2. I have eaten, regularly, but I poo more.

    Zoƫ does not have evil red eyes.

    Feel free to pass on the moses basket. Like one would a bottle of port.

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