Caption competition

The above photo demands your witty, pithy, appropriate captions! A vast and valuable prize awaits the best!*
It has come to my attention that only Dermot (a dog, of dogblog fame), Suzy (who works from home) and Matt (from a rival, inferior website) ever post comments. Despite this many people tell me they are “avid” fans. Therefore make this the time you lose your comment virginity! Come out of the interdark! It’s really very easy – just click on “post a comment” and enter your caption. You don’t have to have a blogger identity. Go on, give it a go. Minimitton wants to know you are there!

*prize may infact turn out to be fictional

11 thoughts on “Caption competition

  1. Yes dermot – we'd be disappointed if you didn't. EmmaDB Where would my baby learn language like that? As you know Jim and I never swear!

  2. Evan discovers that life is not the pure and simple experience he was promised as he watches his parents being taken away in chains after shopping them to the cops over cinema-pirate-video-camera-phone shocker.

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