Minimitton and our friends parents!

His audience knows no bounds – here with the lovely Davis’ elders. He really liked them – especially after they put such big smiles on his mummy and daddy with fine lunch and company!

3 thoughts on “Minimitton and our friends parents!

  1. More than a whole week with no update on my favourite Mitton?! I'm so disappointed 🙁

    I can't even hear him crying as you've gone to stay in Exeter

    Btw – finished watching 24 Series 3 yet?….

  2. Sorry about the updates! Jim denies all allegations that he has lost interest (in the website at least). It's just we can't update pictures from exeter and weekends get used up elsewhere.

    I also apologise about the lack of crying upabove EDB. Perhaps we can leave a recording there for when we're not? We'll swop it for a recording of JDB barking.

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