It’s not a popularity contest you know…

…actually it is. And I clearly won. Fairly. Mwahahahaha!

3 thoughts on “It’s not a popularity contest you know…

  1. Many thanks to the kind person(s) who voted for me. I voted for Evan, but then I got bored. But he is the best! Jim's clicking finger appears to have seized up. Wonder why.

  2. It's so obvious he cheated. But tried to make it subtle – by 1 vote!!

    I voted for you Natalie – only because I want 24 series 3 and also because whilst Evan's pretty special, he grew inside you and that makes you more special.

    Jim, you're special too. Kinda.

  3. Like buses – none for ages and then loads at once!!*

    *This comment refers to the sudden addition of lots of photos to website just now, and has nothing to do with Jim's popularity or otherwise.

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