A Merry Very Christmas

Christmas is a joy for babies! All sparkling lights, attention from all, alcohol laced breastmilk and presents. Oh so many presents. There were 256 photos taken of Evan from 0600 Christmas morning until 1800 on the 27th so I’m only going to give you a taster! More photos to follow once the computer stops groaning – think it ate too many mince pies.

Christmas morning started early (as mornings do) with a smiling Evan and a grumbling Jim (fairly typical day thus far!). We all sat under the christmas tree and unwrapped and giggled and got pine needles in our bum. Father Christmas was kind so we must have been very good this year. Jims favourite present was his mug with a picture of him and Evan on it. Evan liked his bath toys, his lovely christmas top, his irritating as hell noisy crab and his jingle giraffe (amongst others!). I liked my tiger, yes, a real tiger.

After breakfast we meandered to Street Farm where lovely GJ had prepared a christmas wonderland, which her 6 grandchildren rapidly ruined. A frenzy of food and wrapping paper followed by an evening of whole hearted mutual mick taking and abuse.

Boxing day featured Ginny, Jeff, Tom and Maddie – who came, vomited and left (the turkey is under suspicion) and GJ and Grandad who came, got a phonecall and a minicrises and left! A debarcle of a day!

On the 27th the Moriarty contingent, represented by NanJan and Uncle Ben (who makes lovely rice) arrived, laden with indulgent gifts. Uncle Ben and Daddy spent some time showing Evan the correct use of a light sabre and a good time was had by all.

It’s so exhausting!!

Thankyou ALL for your presents and cards for us and Evan. Your all smashing! Except those of you who didn’t send us a christmas card or present – you’re just nice. Except the internet stalkers who don’t know us, you’re just wierd. Sod off.

Happy Christmas and Have a Fantastic but Safe (we are a public broadcasting blog) New Year



2 thoughts on “A Merry Very Christmas

  1. Glad to see the baby I sent survived the German postal system and reached you in time. Hope you liked it, but I've got the receipt if it wasn't up to snuff.

  2. Christmas is great, thanks for sharing yours, must go my baby is trying to eat a crisp packet from the bin. looking forward to more photos and updates, a mitton fan x

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