Scenes of domestic bliss

Bristol. I have taken over about half the lounge so far, working on the rest.

Bristol. Drinking from a plastic polar beer pint cup.

Bristol. I own the kitchen too.

Exeter. I don’t care if you’ve had a long day at work, read to me serf.

Exeter. This is my playpen, changing mat, the sofa, the family table…oh yes, and mummy and daddy’s bed. I’ve taken over the one bedroom now.

(Mini Mitton bloggers would like to apologise for the increasing reliance on camera phone pictures.)

4 thoughts on “Scenes of domestic bliss

  1. Oh, don't be sorry about the reliance on camera phones for the pictures you should be REALLY sorry about showing us a picture of Jim in tight pants!

  2. Tess, Hazel and Red say you've still got a long way to go in taking over the house! There was still carpet and kitchen floor visible in Bristol!! But they were very impressed with your managing to boot your parents out of the one bedroom in Exeter!!

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