Evan Moriarty is One Tomorrow!

And what a year it’s been!

Cut unceremoniously from the womb, he rapidly went on to become an internet sensation and a cult figure of great influence amongst babykind everywhere.

He spawned the short lived craze of the Jungle Gym before winning hearts and minds with his all encompassing smile of truth. Precocious acquisition of baby skills became his hallmark of success – early sports weeing has progressed to the pooey nappy flip and crawl manouvere, requiring even the most hardened nappy changer to have a grudging respect for his skills.

As he became longer and more numerous in the tooth, so he became more and more engaging. Altars of worship (in blog form) lept up all over the internet. He built a community of followers, smiling at strangers in supermarkets, being crowned ‘King of the babies’ at his nursery and naturally adopting the dictatorial emporer status at home.

Sadly there is a threat on the horizon. In 5 months time a young upstart will arrive and challenge his role. Is this the end of his reign?

He has a few words to say on the matter himself –

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How could I top that?

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