Developmental milestones

Some updates for our paediatrician colleagues

  • Evan says “da” (he means ma but he’s only little, he doesn’t understand), “ga” “ger” and blows raspberries and spit bubbles like a pro.
  • He rolls! Front to back AND back to front.
  • He can stand up.
  • Can handle spoon and cup (with varying degree of mess created)
  • He eats a vast variety of food stuff (pears, potato, peas, prunes, parsnip, plums, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, swede, squash, sweet potato, courgette, apple, kiwi, rice, bran, ginsters, onion bahjis – just the basics)
  • He laughs the loudest I have ever heard a baby laugh
  • He manipulates objects in space with two hands
  • He manipulates us with one finger
  • He sits up for many consecutive seconds before falling over
  • He sleeps in a grown up bed. And his Daddy sleeps on the sofa.
  • He remains the best baby in the world ever.

8 thoughts on “Developmental milestones

  1. Careful he doesn't get kidnapped by NASA – being able to manipulate objects in space is a rare talent on this planet. Maybe he could think about sending that darned tiger into space and be rid of him forever…

  2. I know for a fact that he also wears a gillet, has extraordinary pooing habits, and needs lots of kisses from his larger cousins!

  3. Congratulations on your achievements Evan, now try crawling. It's great, you can empty cupboards and find interesting places to hide things.
    Love from Zoe

  4. Evan's delighted to hear his girlfriend is crawling! Now she can get up to more mischief! Just as long as she crawls back to him soon.

  5. A few more questions to help my assessment. Is Evan:

    1. Dry by night AND day?

    2. Riding a bicycle WITHOUT stabilisers?

    3. Threading more than 10 beads in under 20 seconds?

    4. Giving both his first name AND surname?

    Full Griffiths assessment report to follow.

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