Congratulations Suzy* and Andy!

Andy has finally seen sense and decided to be an ace nephrologist! Fine career choice sir.

In other news, Andy and Suzy are having a small baby kiwi! Surely it will be blessed with superhuman rugby skills and a propensity for type 2 diabetes.

Will the worldwide junior medico baby conveyor belt never end?

*Suzy – Don’t worry. Other Suzy.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Suzy* and Andy!

  1. Did you know that Kiwis have the largest egg to body weight ratio of any bird? About a third the adult weight. Ouch!

    (Congratulations, and good luck!)

  2. Thank feck. For a minute I wondered if your super magical medical powers were able to cross oceans and continents and notice something that I hadn't.
    Congratulations to other Suzy!

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